Top Ten Mistakes Small Business Owners Make With Websites

Why make a website with Joomla instead of learning the basics of coding and building static website? What is the power behind this CMS (Content Management System) that will convince me to set aside my learning of using a website builder tool? e poe tegemine

Let’s find out why:

1. Joomla website is easy to use and maintain. After installing it, all you have to do is go to the administrator panel, create a Section, Create a Category, then put on your contents. This is if you want it organized. You can make your content by clicking the Article at content tab and write every thing that your website needs and you can spice it up with an image within your content by clicking at the image button at the bottom of the editor and browse for your image. You can choose to update your website easily through the front end or at the administrator panel.

2. You can change the look of your website with easy steps and don’t have to do it within every page. If you have a new Joomla template, just go to Extension Tab, Install / Uninstall, browse for you template and click install. Go back to Extension Tab and got to Templates and choose your newly installed template as default. You can change the look of your website anytime you like. This is one of the reason why I make my website with it.

3. Joomla has a wide support from developers. That is why you have a wide selections of Extensions and Modules. From a simple Image Gallery to an e-commerce website. From a simple visitor counter module to a more advance Ajax powered rotating image or banner. It is so easy to manage because you can easily choose to publish or unpublish components and modules that you like. Choose anywhere around your page where you want your modules to show and choose which page do you like it to appear.

With this CMS you can have any website you like. From image gallery, video gallery like YouTube, an e-commerce website, a blog website, a social networking website, an article directory website, and more. Just about any website that you can imagine. Aside from these, It has a multi-language support making it truly worldwide user friendly and most of all, you can install as many website as you want using Joomla because it is FREE.


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