How To Catch Rainbow Trout – 3 Effective Ways To Catch Rainbow Trout

Many anglers are interested in how to catch a rainbow trout and in this article I will outline three effective ways to accomplish this task. I have been fishing for (and catching) rainbow trout for more than two decades and in that time have learned many tips and tricks that have made me a much more successful trout fishermen. I personally use these three fishing methods to catch trout to this day and if you want to know how to catch rainbow trout, this article is for you.

Before I list the techniques themselves it’s important to point out that I am not a fly fishermen. Many people tend to equate “trout fishing” to “fly fishing”, however I am not, nor have I ever been a fly fishermen. Although one of the flowing three ways to catch a rainbow trout involves the use of an artificial fly (as flies are an excellent trout bait), the following methods don’t involve “fly fishing” in the traditional sense. With that being said, let’s get down to business, what do you say?


    1. The Spinner Method – Small in-line spinners are an excellent way to catch rainbow trout and anyone interested in how to catch rainbow trout will be well served by having small spinners as part of their trout fishing arsenal. Spinners can be used in both lake and river fishing scenarios and a great tip is to attach your spinner to your line by using a two to four foot leader that is attached to your line using a small barrel swivel. This will help to keep the spinner from twisting your line and allow the in-line spinner to perform as it was designed to perform in the water. Varying the speed of your retrieve by ‘snapping’ your rod tip as the spinner is retrieved is an excellent way to trigger bites from hungry rainbow trout as well.


    1. The Casting Bubble Method – The casting bubble method is the best way to use an artificial fly as bait (artificial flies are very effective as bait for rainbow trout) without having to be a “fly fisherman”. Using a casting bubble enables you to add weight to your line so that a lightweight artificial fly can be cast and retrieved effectively in an attempt to catch rainbow trout. The casting bubble method is a great way to catch trout and should be added to any serious trout fisherman’s repertoire sooner rather than later. Raibow trout


  1. The Live Worm Method – As the name obviously suggests, this way of catching a trout involves the use of live worms (either red worms or nightcrawlers) that have been pinched in half. The goal is to use a live worm or portion of a live worm that is from two to four inches long that is presented to the trout in an outstretched and natural manner. Presenting the live worm in an outstretched and natural manner makes it much more enticing to the trout that you are attempting to catch. This fact is especially true in river fishing situations. A live worm that has been rigged naturally and is allowed to flow naturally with the current of a river containing trout is an excellent way to learn how to catch a rainbow trout.


The bottom line is that if you are interested in learning how to catch a rainbow trout, the aforementioned ways are all extremely effective. Add on or all of them to your trout fishing arsenal on your next trout fishing excursion

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