Many Companies Offer CPAP Supplies

Having a CPAP machine will require maintenance and an inventory to keep the appliance in proper working order. CPAP supplies are easy to find. Manufacturers of the CPAP machines are many and they have the CPAP supplies you will need. Deviated Septum Self Test

Resmed, Puritan Bennett, Respironics, DeVilbiss, Breas, and others make up the main market of sleep apnea equipment. Many companies will put you on a standard order of supplies so that you don’t have to think about when the next order should be placed. Others offer free shipping. Some will work with your medical insurance.

Your CPAP mask has parts like replacement headgear and mask seals of foam cushion that will come in three sizes. In addition your CPAP supplies may also include forehead pads, elbow joints, chin pads and glides. Your CPAP mask brand and model will dictate the amount of replaceable parts to keep your mask doing its job.

Look at your supplies as a “necessary evil.” It is like having a car and to keep in running and in tiptop shape you have to have oil changes, tire rotations, etc. Your mask will also need to have the flexible tubing replaced. Your mask is an appliance of daily use so make sure you have your CPAP inventory on hand, especially if you travel.

Your CPAP machine also will need to be maintained and can have some nice accessories to invest in to make life easier. You may need a 12V cord, a travel bag which is nice to have, and the smartcard and soft wear will eventually have updates. You will also need to purchase filters. There is also a moisture cream as you may find some dryness from your mask.

Some models of CPAP machines will offer battery packs to purchase. This is a handy item if you go somewhere and the electric is off due to a storm or even at your own home. You will be able to use your machine anywhere with a battery pack. And to go to the highest level of comfort, check out the CPAP pillows.

You will need to keep all of your equipment clean, especially the mask components so invest in the recommended cleaner so you don’t damage your equipment with household cleaning products. Keep your machine and mask fresh with CPAP supplies. Check with your tax preparer, as in some cases the deductible is a medical expense if not covered by insurance.


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